How to know if your a TWILIGHT addict

Last year, a film adapted from the book; made the hundreds of million teenagers, moms, adults, even boys gone wild and crazy on this enchanting, blood-sucking movie: TWILIGHT. They weren’t only bitten by the movie but especially by EDWARD CULLEN 🙂

Here are ways in knowing if you are a crazy fanpire:

1. Your usernames in any of your accounts have always something to do with Bella, Edward, vampire.. etc.

2. (For studes or teachers)In your reports you use Edward Cullen as an example.

3. You put on too much whitening cream hopeful enough to be as white as the Cullens.

4. (For Girls and Girl wannabes:)) You intend to marry a man whose surname is Cullen.

5. You constantly doodle “I love EC!, Vampire, Twilight, Bella, Werewolf, dazzled at the back of your math notebook.

6. You bought all the twilight saga books.

7. You can’t wait for Halloween to show off your Vampire make-up and costume inspired by the Cullens.

8. When you scream whenever you see the faces of the actors and actresses portraying the characters from the fim on TV.

9. When you throw yourself over silver Volvo and almost get accused for stealing it.

10. Whenever your friends talk on Twilight related, they would put on their ear plugs so they won’t have to listen to your 40 minute speech.

Do you know of any other signs in knowing if your a Twilight addict?


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