Overcoming Difficulties in Life

me and my cousin

me and my cousin

“The problem is not that there are problems. The problem is expecting otherwise and thinking that having problem is a problem”.

Life was always dark for me, like an unchanging midnight. It was like having the eyes of a blind man instead of having a 20/20 vision. I was used of being rejected, unwanted. And time came, I became immune to every remark, became as cold as stone. But for some reason, sun began to shine, and became motivated to change my perception in life to live as every fourteen year old girls do. Because I’m sure I would never know when would I stop breathing for regret would be the hatest thing I would feel when I didn’t do the things I could possibly do. That I should live for today and expect happiness and excitement instead of fear and sadness. I should share happiness instead of sadness, share time to fix things instead of crying over it, chance to share laughter instead of pain and sorrow. Then, without knowing, I surfaced from the ocean of pain and became a loving, laughing, and a positive thinking teenager. Meeting friends in school and all, studying and working with them. Everything was perfect but there would always be a killer of joy and I would be that aloof girl, but NO I wouldn’t let anyone to stop me from enjoying life and from now on I would live my life to the fullest.


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