Ang Athens at Sparta 2

1. Bakit militarismo ang nahubog sa Sparta at demokrasya sa Athens?
Militarismo ang nahubog sa Sparta dahil sa kagustuhan ng mga Spartans na mapalawak ang sakop at ipatupad ang disiplina sa mga mamamayan. Demokrasya; dahil they are known for being peaceful and to protect the people from greedy maharlika and also to be free.

2. Paano umunlad ang demokrasya sa Greece?
Umunlad ito because of the kagustuhan of the people to protect their rights from greedy maharlika and to spread freedom in Athens.

3. “Si Solon ay pinakadakilang mambabatas”. Sang-ayon ka ba?
Yes. Because he fixed the status of the farmers. He gave a rightful solution in the problem of the umuutang and nagpapautang. And the fact that he is good in making reform acts.


  • So that the presiding official won’t abuse their powers.
  • To protect the rights of the people.
  • So that the people can participate in the political decision in electing officers.
  • To choose the rightful presiding official/s.

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