Mga Digmaan sa Greece

4 Digmaan sa Platae

3Digmaan sa Salamis

1 Digmaan sa Marathon

5 Digmaan sa Peloponnesus

2 Digmaan sa Thermopylae


1. E – Themistocles

2. D – Mardonious

3. F – Darius

4. C – Miltiades

5. B – Leonidas


1. T
2. H

3. T

4. T

5. H


17 responses to “Mga Digmaan sa Greece

  1. Actually, the site is great. All things written above was nice. But their’s one thing i really don’t like, is that i thought their was a link (supposed to be the meaning of the different battles) but their’s none. So i’m very disapointed of it,

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