There are so many things we want to do in life. But even though how many are those, we would surely end up in two options: either we made that choice because we want to or we made that choice because we don’t want to hurt people by that “choice”. As human as we are, we tend to avoid hurting, but still, no matter how hard we avoid, we would surely hurt them. May it be by words or by actions. And then we would wake up one day with a heavy heart. I, myself, is already tired of arguments and backbites. As a saying goes, “Pain sharpens the mind and hardens the heart”, we can never articulate how it feels unless we experience it. And I, myself, experienced pain, undergone pain, and endured pain. It is really on our hands how we would handle the situation, how we would let our own boats sail and our kites fly. But we must remember, everyone of us has a different personality and point-of-views. That is why we need to adjust and learn the character of each other. But it’s not easy right? Some of us may be too judgmental and therefore we must look first into our own mirrors before we say any word. Don’t let any “violent” word escape through your mouth until you can prove that he/she does it the wrong way, or he/she made a mistake that could ruin both of your lives.
We shouldn’t limit ourselves to things we can surely do. Let’s extend our hearts and minds to one another so as to understand, sympathize, and empathize each other. We must learn why birds fly and why we cant. We should reach out and touch everyone’s heart to things we think we can’t do.

Thanks by the way to: http://www.flickr.com/photos/liebermann/580181284/


One response to “We can EMPATHIZE, We just can’t SYNCHRONIZE

  1. Hello,

    you have attributed the image “Crossroads” to scienceblogs – but they could not give you permission to use it, because the image is copyrighted by me! http://www.flickr.com/photos/liebermann/580181284/

    Also, if you look at scienceblogs, you will find they have credited to me, with a link to my flickr.com photostream.

    Please be more careful with other peoples intellectual and artistic property. I don’t like it when my work gets copied and then attributed to someone else.

    Please credit it properly:

    (C) by http://www.martin-liebermann.de

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