We were all strangers, when, from that 4th day of June we will never forget. Some were so shy to approach anyone of the other teens in that particular room and some were just too loud and is much willing to be approached. But surprisingly, like a perfect puzzle, everyone fit ‘perfectly’ to a newly woven friendship piece of puzzle. Everyone enjoyed each other’s company. Laughing, gossiping, and chatting to their heart’s content. And the thing everyone liked is the ability of each one to share their shoulders whenever someone has a crisis of their own. A year passed, this batch of ours remained strong enough to withstand the heavy downpour of problems showered to all of us. Even though some of us inevitably left the batch for some circumstances, we keep them in touch and together we will face tomorrow with a wonderful smile playing upon our lips. We treat each other not simply as friends but as brothers and sisters because we now understand what each one of us is in each other’s life. Each one of us gives a special meaning to everyone. Friends add fun, happiness, and joy that everyone can relate and share same values about things. Through the act of sharing, we are able to laugh and joke on things that we may find funny. Friends can make you even temporarily forget about any problems by simply having some fun. Now, that we reached this stage of our secondary lives, we continue to nurture the bond between us and painstakingly keeping the fire alive. Even though how many quarrels we encounter, we all knew that as long as we have the courage to forgive and forget everything will be fine and maybe, these petty quarrels sweeten our relationship which continues to grow as we move on forward. In the end, we thank each other for the love we shared, the pretty little fights, and of course, our beloved mentors who, without second thought, shared their great ideas to their students. We sincerely express our gratitude for not giving up on this batch of ours and in return, we would try to give back of what we have.


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