Love Trees as YOU do for HUMANITY

Have you ever wondered where your pad papers, lumber for your house, the wood for your tables came from? Yes. I’m sure you already have an answer. Trees of course, I know you would say. Now imagine, for a day, a certain person uses about 5 reams of pad paper. And then one day, all trees will disappear. What do you think will happen to humanity?

Trees are important to humans as well as the environment. It purifies air and provides certain necessities humans need. I, myself, already imagine a world without trees. Unimaginable. And so, a day somewhere in the middle of November, a group of Korean students learning the English language and STEC students take part in a tree-planting program. It started around 3’oclock in the afternoon, and I anticipated an afternoon full of laughter and adventure. Surprisingly, I wasn’t wrong of what I expected. Students flocked to their plant holes, and I can’t contain anymore the eagerness to plant and see it grow into a beautiful tree or a flowering plant. I carefully removed the plant into its plastic pot and put it into the hole. I then covered it with the suited soil, and got the water hose and watered my newly acquired plant. YES! I felt proud and ecstatic of what I just made. Imagine, with that single plant I planted, it may grow wonderfully and possibly after the next few years I will visit it and would say to myself, “I planted this. I planted this tree. I planted the tree they used for making that table that chair and door”. And with that I can proudly say that for even once in my life I made something wonderful for me and for everybody. Love trees as you love humanity.


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