RPATTZ: “smooch” didn’t work

Robert Pattinson admits to himself, he didn’t want to kiss rumored girlfriend Kristen Stewart at the MTV Movie Awards 2010 last Sunday. He also admitted the “smooch” didn’t work.

“I had the best ideas last night and I was like, ‘Listen everybody, leave it to me, I’ve got it all under control’,” he said.

“I gave all these ideas and nobody thought they were funny and we ended up doing something which didn’t work!”

Rob and Kristen scooped the Best Kiss gong for New Moon.

“To be honest, I should’ve been nominated in a few more categories,” said the British actor.

“It’s a disappointment. It’s an OK result, I think it’s only three. We did better last year.”

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2 responses to “RPATTZ: “smooch” didn’t work

  1. he disnt say he didnt want to kiss kristen, he said he had a lot of ideas and they didnt want them, so maybe it could be more than kissing her .. so please dont say that he didnt want to kiss her cause he probably wanted it!

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