Dinotopia-Reaction Paper

1. Who are the main characters of the story? Describe each character. Identify the protagonist and antagonist.

2. What is the plot of the setting of the story? Briefly describe the setting.

3. What is Dinotopia? What makes it distinct place for humans and dinosaurs to exist?

4. What was the main conflict between the two brothers?

5. What is the root of all evil doings by the villain character?

6. Are there people that are comparable to Marion?

7. Give the proper term term for the ‘Fear of Height’.

8.Describe the two tasks given to the brothers by the queen. What do you think is/are the reason for the queen to do so?

9. Was the effort of the two brothers to find the sun stones justifiable? If you were Marion, would you do the same, to offer the last sunstone to fuel the transportation?

10.Cite the values shown by the characters in the story that you believe you possess.

11. What part/s of the story you like most? Why?


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