This is not an extraordinary day and I sure can tell it myself.

The car horns still blared on the street, birds still fly atop the buildings and I’m still having my bad hair day. And do you know why I can tell this day is not extraordinary? I still find myself, sitting on my favorite spot in this little coffee shop at the corner of the piazza waiting for something enchanting to happen.

If only there’s some thrill around, I’m sure I will never be bored to death like this. If only Superman will arrive in this very town and sweep me off my feet, or a huge palace will suddenly appear out of nowhere right in front of my eyes with a castle-guard telling me I own it, or maybe a great news on the local newspaper telling me I won the lottery.  I sipped my tea and sighed wearily. All I want is something grand to happen, grand in the sense where it will keep my imagination working. I was still busy complaining for the ordinariness of the day when I caught you in the corner of my eyes.

You were emerging  out of your silver Lexus car wearing those designer labeled clothes and it was like all male models were put into shame. That chiseled jaw, the perfect pair of lips, the perfect nose, and those icy blue eyes found in one handsome face.

I continued watching you as you began to settle in one of those tables whipping up your mobile phone looking like a businessman as well as a Greek God yourself. You continued talking on your phone when I fell into dreamland.

In my dream, you approached and grabbed a chair to sit right next to me. It was like the time stopped, Earth stood still and my heart raced. My eyes went wide, unblinkingly stared at you as you held my hand, saying sweet nothings which made me blush. My head was still in a haze when you surprised me again as you toyed with a lock of hair of mine. You began to laugh and that was when I willed myself to relax and to enjoy the moment. We began throwing jokes at each other and laugh at it as if we have no care in the world. Everything was perfectly romantic when a cab raced down the street and blared its horn that made me snap out of my daydream.

I opened my eyes and blinked thrice to shake out the sleepiness in me when I realized I was still at the coffee shop at the corner of the piazza. I craned my neck to find that Greek God I fantasized and found him just where he was in my dream. He’s so handsome it hurts to look. I was ready to approach him and give my fantasy a chance,when a cab pulled at the front of the coffee shop and a Greek Goddess stepped out of it. I was ready to ignore her when you stood up and walked toward her to accompany her to your table. I smiled and sat back on my chair and sipped my now cold tea and wondered, How grand a can a dream be for one ordinary day? Pretty grand I guess, because it kept my imagination working.

Thanks by the way to: for the photo.


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