It’s seven o’clock in the morning and I knew it will be a beautiful day. Mr. Sun was rising up, allowing ample amount of sunshine enough for people to start their day’s work and Lady Wind constantly whooshing past me as I rode a tricycle that will take me to school.

I arrived at the wide gate which is painted green and stopped for awhile to adjust the green bag where I put my school stuff and made my habit of running my fingers through my hair which is already windblown from the ride awhile ago.

I started walking again along the cemented path that is member myself as a kindergartener with that ridiculous hairdo of mine, rlined with Santan bushes and Ficus trees and suddenly vague memories crept into my mind. I still reunning wild and free along with classmates and don’t seem to care for the world, then as a sixth-grader with that ridiculously long hair chatting with classmates and teasing each other on personal things and especially, as a high-school student where I got to meet fresh faces and unique personalities.
At first, it kinda felt awkward staying in a classroom with a whole new bunch of kids. There’s this boy who is completely deep in thoughts with his eyes closed and I jumped to a conclusion that he may be religious, there was also this girl who introduced herself in front of the class in a boyish manner saying she loves black and hates pink, and oh! I can’t forget that chubby girl with curly hair who laughs out loud as if no one in this world cares.

As time progresses, new friendship and trust for each other were built solidly but sadly we have to say goodbye to some of my classmates whom I already treated as friends. As I progressed higher on my education, I admit, I enjoyed every single step I made. I began to battle my way by maintaining a certain grade along with my friends which I think was fun and a journey full of morals until we succeeded and reached SENIOR YEAR and I think this is the most memorable stage in my teen life.

I noticed that I stopped, standing in the middle of the path walk so I resumed walking along the cemented path until I reached the blue-painted classroom and there I saw the eighteen people who greatly influenced my life. A smile formed my lips knowing the roles they fill in my life.

There’s ORLANDO, the physics whiz whom I constantly tease having a crush on the punky math whiz named CARLA whom I enjoyed calling as the “walking disaster” and has this unpredictable personality just like a typhoon. I spotted her sitting beside her best friend CHANET who gives off the aura of being a mother. She may be irritated to be considered as mother material in class but I just want to let her know, it’s a compliment and never an insult. On the far-end corner of the room, I spotted the lair of the bookworms. Member number one named GEM is a nature-lover who fantastically writes essays and a creative artist as well, member number two named ANGELA is a geeky bookworm with chinky-eyes that made me tease her as the twin sister of Pucca and member number three named JIAH is a silent type of person but it amazes me that she can make me laugh even though they tell me it’s corny. Anyways, she got this friend named DANICA who have the laughter I likened to a vibrating cell phone and like me; she got this corny joke syndrome whom she shares with MARIAN; the good-girl in class who loves Koike and those Korean boy bands where she and her best friend, ANNA ; the funny and vibrant girl in class, gets crazy. She never fails to make everyone laugh even if she unintentionally makes a joke of something and even boys laugh on her jokes just like our dashing impulsive guy named EDIER who made almost all of the girls in class fall over him he has this handsome face to match with his handsome heart, but let’s not forget the forgotten heartthrob, KEVIN. Even though my eyes tell me he looks like Mr. Potato Head he got this understanding nature which never fails to impress me. Oh! Here’s CARLO too which appears to be mysterious and is always trusted with the sound system and of course he’s never forgotten for his deep crush for HAZEL which we call by the name of CHO. She got this habit of singing songs in a high-pitched manner and of course, she is branded as the Random Queen. We also have SHARRMENE, the dancing dynamite who never fails to impress the campus with her hyped moves and her beautiful smile. And of course speaking of smile, there’s this one person who has this amazingly huge smile that is never erased on her face, she is BABAN. I also introduce to you our Ms. STEP, Chrisha who have amazing stories to tell and has this weird way of exercising. And of course, the ever intelligent guy or shall I say girl? Who is so much in love with a Korean boy named Donghae and has very sharp radar for chinky-eyed gwapo boys. And lastly, who will forget the Techie girl and her funny jibes? She is SANG, my bestie.

So there you go, those were the amazing people who influenced my life. They are the friends who represent a world in me; they are the singers who sing the songs of my life and of course they are the bacon bits in the salad bowl of my delicious life.

I looked back to the path I took and realized that even though how rough the road gets and no matter how deep the rut on the side walk gets, just be reminded that GOD made these to challenge your life. Never treat it as a punishment but instead a beautiful memory where you learned to love, laugh and live together with your circle of friends.

Note: Thanks by the way to Angela Vilbar for the photo. Love you LDV.


3 responses to “MEMOIRS of A SENIOR STUDENT

  1. Excuse me, but I think I dropped something!!! MY JAW!! Wow! Galing! Amazing!!! The Best!!! Keep it up!!! I know someday you’ll become a very successful journalist or a writer in magazines or even a script writer in Hollywood movies!!!

  2. Mer! This is the reason why I asked for your blog’s link :> I wanted to read this. Aww, it’s just said to think that all of these will soon be over :< Love you mer! :"3

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