The sky tonight has never been this beautiful. The moon hung hugely on the sky, the stars twinkle like glistening diamonds and the sound, the crickets’ make seems like a romantic song that fills my ears.

I sighed and sat down on the wicker chair, thinking back on those vivid memories you patched on my mind. I smiled remembering how you never once caught my eye and you never once got in my head. Those times when I treated you as nothing but a hang-out friend, when I don’t look at your way whenever you pass by, and when I still can look at you straight in the eye. But now, it seems everything changed from what it used to be.

I never thought it will become like this. It seems even weirder to think about you this late in the evening wondering whether you got busy on home works or already fast asleep. I didn’t even expect that I’m noticing how cool you’ve become in your converse sneakers and your perfectly styled jet-black hair, those dark brown eyes that melt the depths of my heart and even that dimpled smile you flash whenever you get amused. I even don’t know what’s got into me that kept me smiling even after class just by remembering those cute memories we shared which I think don’t mean a thing to you but a significant one for me and those little things you do that makes my young heart flutter like the wings of humming bird. There was one time when I caught you sleeping; I stared at you for so long, adoring your thick eyebrows and lashes and the pink-tinged pair of lips that make me go crazy. At that time, all I can think of was freeze that moment so I can stare at you more and more.

I pulled myself out from my reverie and stood up from the wicker chair, walked back to my bedroom and opened the drawer that contained the only photograph of you that I owned. Sometimes, I wish I can manipulate your heart and mind to make you notice me. But then I realized at that moment, you are a bright star I am unable to reach. I sighed and then fell asleep.


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