A freaking Friday everyone!

I decided to make this blog a bit personal, so here I am writing my thoughts down as though this blog is my diary. Well, not the personal diary but a diary for events in my life, of course. If not for daily then weekly then if not weekly then monthly and so on.

So here it goes.

I woke up late today (specifically 9.30 A.M)and the first thing I did is to pet my dog, gave him his food and everything then ate my breakfast and since I don’t know what else to do  so  I turned on the computer and oh- my parents are nowhere to be found-Mom’s in office and my dad- I don’t know where’s my Dad. Anyways, I decided to read an e-book [since I don’t have money yet because its our semestral break (semestral break= no money)]  entitled Trust Me On This by Jennifer Crusie .  Actually, I just started reading the author’s books when I stumbled on her novel (What the Lady Wants) in while checking on novels in the contemporary genre. So I downloaded it then read it and that was the start of my addiction to her novels. In fact, I downloaded most of her novels already and read about four of it including Trust Me On This. 

She really is an amazing writer. She has these witty dialogues and impressive scenes in the book that I’ve decided to read all of her books. I’ve been inspired by her and I’ve asked help from my high-school classmates to give me topics that I can write on since I have so many ideas but I don’t have a specific topic to write.

And oh- by the way! I’ve been looking up all over the web for any creative writing contests that doesn’t have entry fees. Don’t be afraid to comment this blog for any contests you know.


That’s all for today folks!

Have a blessed Friday!



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