Home Alone at Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! (I know it’s kinda late but anyways I greeted everyone..)

I spent my Halloween at my mom’s province where my grandfathers and grandmothers are buried but then I had to come back home earlier than my mom and dad because I have to enroll online on the remaining subjects I haven’t enrolled yet. So when I reached home I was still confident that I won’t get scared of the fact that I am alone in the house but when I turned on the TV and the program was a horror movie (since it’s halloween), I knew I was dead wrong.

The program was 1408 and it really scared me to hell so I turned it off even if it was just the beginning of the movie. I was so scared that I even sweated over having a solution on what to do when I sleep at night (since I’m the only one in the house). I even texted my closest friends on what to do and here’s one dumb (okay, not really) conversation we had:

Me: Hey do you know what to do when you’re scared at monsters and you’re all alone in your house?
Friend: Oh yeah. I also had that problem, once. And here’s what I’m advising you to do. Go get a candle and light it then turn off all the lights and face in front of the mirror and recite the bloody mary 10x.
Me: Riiiiight. You are such a stupid adviser. You are advising something that makes my problem worse.
Friend: At least you won’t be scared when someone a ghost or a monster appears in front of you since it’s beside you already.

Okay I know my friend’s advise is dumb but I love my friend no matter what. Anyways, when the time to sleep came, I just remedied my fear by turning on all the lights in our house. I bet our electricity bill went high then I read a book in bed until sleepiness knocked me off.

That’s it folks, happy halloween, again!


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