Now that the Lenten Season’s is fast approaching, I decided to post my personal creed I made for our Religious Education subject. Let’s all remember the Savior who saved us by dying on the cross. We will only be saved by our faith to God, it is not the cross that saved us but the crucified. 🙂


I believe in one God, who is in heaven above.

A father and creator of all things, seen or unseen,

Who is the rock of my refuge.

I believe in his only begotten son, Jesus;

Whom he sacrificed to save us from our sins.

The one who was made man, and was deemed

To be a suffering servant, a miracle worker and

A teacher of right morals.

I believe in the contemporary way in knowing him all over again

so that I may relate myself to the hardships Jesus have experienced.

I reflect on the betrayals and the condemnation he faced

Just to give us another chance to live a good life.

I reflect on Jesus’ teachings that can somehow enlighten

And empower me on the decisions I make and the path I take.

I believe in devoting myself to do good things

So that through this simple act,

I may somehow repay the life I owe to him.

I profess my faith to God and my desire and

willingness to follow the footsteps of Jesus

so I myself can be a better human and a humble servant of




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