Spending Your Summer The Right Way

As classes came to an end temporarily and summer’s just around the corner, the college students nowadays tends to spend their summer breaks either:

  1. Everyday hanging out in malls (which surely can create a big hole in your mother’s wallet, mind you. Not literally of course.)
  2. The never-ending cycle which is: Eat. Surf the internet. Sleep and
  3. Going to every beach resorts.

Any of these three surely hits a mark don’t ‘ya? As I have observed, summer breaks makes young people inactive and non-productive thinking that since indeed it’s a break then they should also take a break in educating or making themselves productive. And indeed, this inactivity causes the passiveness of the students during classes after summer breaks. Aside from emptying out your parent’s wallet as mentioned above or spending breaks on networking sites and video games, there are some dynamic ways that you can do to be more productive this summer. And in fact, this writer here accumulated some sure fire ways to perk up your summer:

1. Tidy your Room

-During classes’ time, we always forget to take a notice in our own rooms. We never even bothered cleaning up the mess we accumulated during the whole semester. Sad but true, this inattentiveness over the state of cleanliness in our room is caused to school works that we think needs more attention than picking up a broom, a dustpan and a rag cloth to clean. Now that summer is finally here, this is our chance to show an effort on how we value our living space by cleaning up our rooms. Before you go out and drown yourself with leisure, sort out your things and haul out unnecessary possessions (e.g. food take-out boxes, scribbled papers, inkless ballpens, and etc.). Although this task brings out the sentimental feeling we have over unnecessary things, it’s time to clean and vacate your room with clutter. Don’t even think about hiring a help in this because it will only make you repeat the same attitude which is clutter oriented.


2. Take up a summer job

-Usually when we look into our wallets right after the end of semester we usually see a gaping hole, not literally of course but we always end up getting broke because of school materials needed to buy. Saving up money during the semester is rather, I have to admit, a hard task. It’s either we buy our allowances for school materials or sometimes splurging ourselves for treats as a reward for the pressures we encounter. This summer break you can actually make yourself more productive by applying yourself to income-generating jobs. Find a job that you enjoy so that in a way you won’t hit yourself in the head by not pleasuring yourself over summer.


3. Educate yourself even when you’re on break

Just because it’s a summer break, you can actually go and hibernate yourself and repulse any educating activities. You can either take up a book to read, just any sci-fi novels or suspense or criminal suspense you can go obsess with if you are bookworm; or if you dislike reading then you can search up the internet on national geographic videos or any other documentary videos to your inclination; or you can prep up yourself with the subjects you are to confront with when semester starts again by studying them or attend summer classes. Whatever suits your tastes.


4. Take up a pet or hobby

Actually, I added this in my list to hone your responsibility skills. Taking up a pet requires patience and it’s high time to develop it. Any pet will do of course as long as you can handle it; better yet try it out on dogs and cats or rabbits or other domesticated animals. Then if you don’t like the idea of having a pet in your loft, you can actually try out on taking up a hobby. You can choose any hobbies from practicing your cooking skills to knitting up clothes to reviving your collection boxes and start collecting stuffs again. This activity actually helps you to get busy, mind you.


5. Take care of yourself

I know that during classes we always forget to give attention to our health since we have to tackle on deadlines for school works rewarding us with a cough, a cold a flu or a combination of three. This summer break, go out and seek health help. Give importance to your skin, teeth, and other body parts. Go to a spa where you can do all the time of relaxing. Immerse yourself with healthy exercises and of course take up a healthy diet.



So there you go, those are my wonderful tips in spending your summer. I hope that you take up on any of those or better yet all of them. There’s no harm in laxing and lazying out but if you spend your whole summer by just doing such then think again. Remember not to hibernate and give yourself challenges in order for your summer to be meaningful and productive.


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