May the Odds be in your favor!

I went to the cinemas together with the two of my closest friends to watch ‘The Hunger Games’. The schedule we’re after for was 6:20 p.m and we arrived two hours earlier than expected. So while waiting for the movie, we chatted up a bit about what’s new in our lives. It’s too bad some of my closest friends weren’t with us, it would be 50x fun, I enjoyed their company too. Just like the saying, “The more, the merrier”. Anyways, after the long wait, we went inside the cinema too excited for the movie itself. Since, Me and my other classmate; both haven’t read the book, we were hesitating a bit but my other classmate, who read the book, assured us that it’s worth the wait.

True to her word, the movie is spectacular! I don’t know how many times have I shouted over thrilling scenes and how my eye stings from crying over the scene with Rue and Katniss. The female lead’s performance was quite commendable too! Along with her co-stars they actually made a worth-watching movie. I still remember too how I gushed over Katniss and Peeta (even though how embarrassing it is). I say another literary genius is born in the person of Suzanne Collins.

Be awed and be inspired with the ‘Girl on Fire’!

If you are interested to watch, then don’t waste any time! Here’s the trailer and may the odds be in your favor! : 


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