What you can expect from the Philippine National Service Training Program



When you say NSTP (National Service Training Program), what readily springs forth into your mind?

Soldier type of training? I’m afraid not. Shirt you can be proud to put on? I guess so. Training for resourcefulness? Sure. Community Immersions? Definitely.

When we say NSTP, it’s not just about the shirt we put on every Saturday of the week nor is it just about the places we go to during community immersions but relatively, it is about the contributions a student can give for the general welfare and the betterment of the members in the community.

Naturally, students who attend this subject don’t really give a thing about this but little did they know that by participating on the activities laid out for this subject, they’ve somewhat contributed for the betterment of the community. Now let’s get back to the real thing, let’s articulate what ordinary people can expect in the National Service Training Program.

 First, we can assure that through our little means we can at least provide service to the members in the partner community we’re immersing. Through the little projects organized in this program, we can at least provide service in the fields of: health, environment, education and entrepreneurship.

In health, the students can conduct lecture demonstrations on nutrition and hygiene which can really help mothers safeguard their children from certain diseases (e.g. dengue, lbm, typhoid fever and etc.).

For environment, the NSTP students will of course assess the environmental matters within the community and can implement ways to somewhat solve the crisis. For example, the community experiences waste disposal problems; the students can at least do a clean-up drive and a lecture demonstration on how to avoid such problem. The students can also provide sample trash bins to work out on waste segregation.

In education, the program readily conducts donation drives that will enhance the learning of the children within the partner communities covered in this program. The students can also conduct lectures to pre-schoolers by this we can help empower the minds of the students.

And lastly, entrepreneurship. There is a vast choice of activities the students can do together with the members of the community. They can do income-generating activities such as paper making or vase painting.


You see, there are a wide variety of benefits the common people can get from NSTP. It doesn’t only benefit the students from the said program but also the beneficiaries that will be receiving the services from the students.


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