When we think of the olden days, to be in a relationship isn’t as easy as the snap of a finger.

If you are a man, you actually have to sweat to get the lady of your dreams, and if you are a lady, it is a tad harder than it seems since you actually have to wait for a gentleman to take an interest of you since airing out one’s feelings to a man you like makes you a deviant in your circle of friends. So as not to become deviant, you swish out your elegant fan to cover up most of your face except your eyes to the man who expresses his interest to you and the slightest thing you can do is flutter your lashes that may serve as an undertone whenever he makes an amusing remark to indicate you like him as well. Although this hint might not really be effective if the gentleman who pursues you might not be really, is the brightest light in the harbor.

But if the man you like pursues you further, then he does everything in his power to get the sweetest “yes” from you.

Either he goes visiting your house, which of course is approved by your parents, giving you sweets, and flowers and even recites a love poem on you or he does the sweetest romantic gesture of serenading you a love song in the middle of the night while you go mooning over his love song on your balcony. All of these types of wooing may go on for ages depending on how long your parents or you want your man to suffer. Now if given the green signal then that’s the time he asks for your hand and after all those matrimonial rites that’s when you and your man can drown in matrimonial bliss and do some hanky panky.

Seeing the way the modern generation behaves, you really can’t see any of these sweet moments of wooing. Just one text or one phone call and that’s it you are officially or unofficially, if the relationship’s a secret, your man’s lady. No love poems, no chocolates, no flowers to sweep you off your feet. Just plain asking you out and some rolling in the hay and poof you are already in a relationship.

It quite unnerves me how the women today are so easily swayed of their emotions without even testing how real the man’s feelings are for her. Just because one man takes an interest on you doesn’t mean that there aren’t other men who also has taken a liking at you too, probably just working up on his aces to show for you. So don’t decide too quickly. Assess your feelings for him and his feelings for you because if you don’t you’ll only get a sexual relationship or an infatuation relationship and not a love relationship.


So think brilliantly and don’t jump too quickly off the gun.


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