Ssangchu Couple, Long Live!♥



I just finished watching We Got Married: Ssangchu Couple, [We Got Married= South Korean reality variety show that pairs up celebrities to show what life would be like if they were married.] and I can say that through the whole duration, there was not one episode where I didn’t laugh! 

My main objective of watching the Ssangchu couple’s episodes was mainly because Kim Hyun Joong stars in it but as I watched more and more of the episodes, I realized that I’ve come to love their pairing. They were even described as the ‘most awkward couple’ among others! It really amazes me how Hyun-Joongie cracks Hwangbo (and me at the same time) up! He makes other people laugh without even trying and I guess it’s because of his innate good, innocent and childish character. 

Their pairing, despite the awkwardness, showed my ideal type of relationship. Theirs was a very good combination of two personalities creating a very sweet image of what should couples be. I mean, to overcome their awkwardness, they make bets with reward for the winner and punishment for the loser and unknowingly in that way, they became the sweetest couple you could imagine. In someways, I can connect to Hwangbo through her personality. Even though at first, Hyun Joong was very blunt to her not showing any sweet gestures she was very understanding and she was not the typical girl who whines a lot. 

My favorite moments with the Ssangchu couple are:

  • In their honeymoon in Jeju when Hwangbo showed HyunJoong couple shirts and asked him to wear it. Hyun Joong doesn’t like mushy things so he asked Hwangbo if he can alter his shirt so it doesn’t look like a couple shirt.
  • Also, their honeymoon in Jeju when Hyun Joong asked Hwangbo to open a bottle of soda with a spoon.
  • In their housewarming party, when SS501 members and friends of Hwangbo asked Hyun Joong to carry her in the pool and Hyun Joong with his playful character, acts dropping Hwangbo in the water.
  • When Hwangbo got mad at him and they were playfully fighting over the sofa.
  • In the ANT TOUR where Hyun Joong made crane capsules and asked Hwangbo to look for it and in the process lost it in the sand.
  • In the farm, where Hyun Joong sang Falling slowly for Hwangbo and gave her 995 cranes.
  • In the farm, where Hyun Joong lost in their bet and was forced to do aegyo (cute acting) to Hwangbo.
  • When they went to a theme park, and wore wigs. Hwangbo was concerned that Hyun Joong’s fans will recognize him and him saying that they won’t but several minutes later a group of his fans called out his name.
  • In the theme park, where Hyun Joong lost again in their bet and performed body wave.
  • In an episode where Hwangbo performed to military men and when she got home they made a bet and lost to Hyun Joong and she performed aegyo in front of him and since then, Hyun Joong constantly teased her about it.

and many more! 

After the end of the episode, I learned that in a relationship you only need to be understanding and be respectful to each other and constantly make others happy. You need not be flashy or too trying hard to please each other, just express yourself and make your partner happy. I remembered crying in their last episode when they tell something to the future spouses of each other. All in all, this WGM episode is really great♥ And boosts up my respect to both Hwangbo and Kim Hyun Joong, even though they didn’t end up as a couple together, I know that they cherished each other’s company and I respect both of them for that. 🙂


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