“One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes…”

I am a person who is easily inspired and just like the fox, one who enjoys having friends around. I really enjoy having friends around because I am the type of person who gets lonely easily and by reading the Little Prince, the fox’s character inspired me a lot. Its character helped me realize how awesome it is that to the world, you’re just another person but to one person, you can mean the world. But this wonder is not achieved instantly, it requires a process. At first, two people seem to shy away at each other and conduct formal introductions but as time passes by and with constant interaction, they’ll begin to create a bond. They’ll start noticing things vital for each other, things that can make the other person happy and avoid things that can trigger sadness. It’s in this thought that I realized how awesome our Creator is by enabling us to feel emotions that will help us enjoy life, though temporarily.

The fox’s character also helped me realize how unbelievably materialistic the people are today.  These people are like the ‘grown ups’ in the novel described as those who care only about figures and wants things to be done instantly. They are the people that when you introduce someone to them, the questions they’ll be bringing up would be, “How old is he?”, “What’s his profession?”, “How much money does he make?”, and “How tall is he?” but never with questions; “What’s his favorite song?”, “Does he like to hum?”, “What games does he like best?” I then discerned, that in order to have a happy and healthy relationship with others, you must make an effort because interacting is a two way process. Relationships don’t work if one person always receives and never gives; the people around you will tire easily and most probably will leave you. I also realized that in order to love someone, you must go beyond their imperfections and accept them for who they are. Reflect on the times you spent with them and gauge within yourself how he made an impact on you.

But even if you have achieved a healthy relationship with others it doesn’t mean that you’ll always feel happiness with them, it means that you are vulnerable to the feeling of sadness. There’s always a time when they need to leave us, probably pursue their own dreams or attend to their other friends, it may become the lowest point of your life but this experience will actually help you become a better person because it will teach you the act of unselfishness. Always remember, it is through selfishness that the evils prey on. 


*Our teacher in Philosophy asked us what character in the ‘Little Prince’ appealed to us the most and this was my honest opinion *~*. Read the book and you’ll find the character closest to your personality 🙂


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