Keeping Company with Myself pt. 2

Another story for another experience.

Everyday in our lives, we meet different people with different interests and personalities. Some of them you get along with but most of the times you don’t (or they don’t). Life is like that, it gives you a lot of surprises and you’ll never know or even guess who you’ll stick with and who’ll be your enemy the next. It’s good when you get along with your peers and acquaintances but its hard and bad when your personalities clash which then results to a fight. I’ve been to many fights and trust me, it’s hard going through every single fight and it’s even harder for me because I am always the first one to react and express my thoughts and opinion. It’s always like my brain is always separated from me and I react according to what I feel (and this is really my bad trait) but y’see, I think I am entitled to my own emotions. I can feel what I feel and don’t feel and I am very sure that I am not always overreacting.

Recently, I’ve been in dilemma of all these questions that’s floating inside my head. Questions such as: “Do I have the right to get angry to the people who put me in a compromising situation?”, “Do I have the right to be offended?”, “Do I have the right to expect an apology from them?”. Well, I think my answer would be yes for the first two questions and I think no for the last one (because they always say they are rational people)

During that moment, I felt really disappointed with people who thinks only through their brain (well yeah, technically you think through your brain, what I meant here was ‘intellectually’ you bozo) not even considering the ethical implication of the decision they made. Yes I understand how rational a human can get and how a person puts himself and his needs over others but does that really work in the real world? Yes, people might tell me, “Rationality very well works in the real world!” but I think the people who will most likely tell me with the phrase such as that one surely doesn’t know that a human does not only have the brain but also has the heart (Haven’t you even considered Behavioralism?). If rationality overpowers all humans why then can I see a man helping out a lady who slipped even if he is very much late for work? A boy helping out the old woman cross the street ignoring the fact that he might not alight on the next scheduled trip for a bus? Friends visiting over their sick friend? A lady trying very hard not to take a peek over the paper of her classmate? A young man lending his classmate his spare ballpoint pen because the latter doesn’t have one? or even covering up for your other friend just because he doesn’t want him/her to be marked absent? Isn’t it because men not only make decisions through the brain but is always guided with their heart (or shall I say emotions?) Isn’t it because men do not think only of themselves but also of the welfare of others?

People have to accept that all decisions are almost always influenced with the people around you because YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY PERSON LIVING IN THIS WORLD THERE ARE 7.045 BILLION OTHERS INHABITING THE WORLD YOU LIVE IN. Even if most of the people agree with you doesn’t it even cross your mind how your decision might affect to that small lot of people who disagree with you? Do you really pursue your own rationality just because you share the same rationality with others (even though it’s a really crooked rationality)? Do you even not consider the welfare of that small population? Even if they are only the 0.45 in the total population do you not listen to what they want and feel and Isn’t that unjust? Don’t you give them the opportunity to voice out their opinions just because majority opposed their ideas?  Do we not expend effort and give them an option which would somehow compromise the majority’s situation and their situation? It’s even worse if the one who acts out all these so-called rationality are the ones you consider as your peers. I always thought we are on the same page, I guess not. We, who went through and studied the same principles. We, who ate principles of being just and fair even if they belong to the minority. Where did all those principles go?

Now I guess, I have to be alone in this journey. I don’t mind anymore If I’m alone I’m already used to it. I’ll just have to accept the fact that yeah, people do differ opinions.


A/N: I know, I know this is poorly written but I really hope you got my point. TT



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