Denials and Late Night Confessions

I remember our first hi; petty introductions,
your first smile I do not miss you

I remember our frequent encounters; the way you stare at me,
the way you disagree, the way you try to concentrate when I annoy you
and you end up getting frustrated;
the adorable furrow in your eyebrows I do not miss you,
not even one bit

Your pretty smile, your adorable pout,
your annoying voice when you try to imitate my high-pitched one;
your attempts to make me laugh
Yes, I do not miss you at all

Your kindness, your “Are you okays?”,
your concerned look that shoots me through the heart
Stop it, I really don’t miss you

Our frequent handshakes just so you can touch my hand;
your attempts in asking about my past relationships
just so you can know more about me;
your perseverance to always meet me even if you’re sleepy,
our late night conversations
I don’t miss it at all because I really don’t so please,
don’t ask me over and over again because if you do
my defenses will crumble and I’m gonna miss you all over again.

Now that you’re faraway, I have no choice but to forget you
so please when you ask me for the last time, I will only say:
I don’t miss you, I really don’t.


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