Featured Book for the Month


by Bonnie Hearn Hill

Body of San Francisco priest found in Golden Gate Park. Killer remains at large.

Twenty-two minutes — that’s all it takes for reporter Geri LaRue to realize her friend, award-winning journalist Leta Blackburn, is missing. Leta would have been covering the sensational story — and investigating the forensics report that showed the priest was engaged in sexual activities at the time of his murder. With a ruthless colleague suggesting Geri knows more than she’ll admit, she turns to a prominent shrink for help, taking with her a folder full of notes that points to the rarest and most deadly of killers: a woman.

Therapist Malcolm Piercy is the only one who understands what goes on inside the twisted mind of the predator the papers are calling The Razor Killer, an erotomaniac who believes her victims are in love with her. Malc has reasons of his own for keeping his theory a secret, but agrees to help in Geri’s search, not knowing that the killer is watching, in her mind writing one more newspaper caption — one more cutline — where the photograph is gruesome and the bottom line is death.

This book is actually amazing. It is very well written! For those criminal suspense book afficionados, then I recommend this! It actually makes your head spin by just thinking who the heck is the razor killer, gives the suspense you want and once you start reading it, mind you, you won’t put it down unless you’ve read all of it.  😉


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