Mga Digmaan sa Greece 2

1. Bakit mapanganib sa Greece ang Persia?
Because the Persians doesn’t stop in attacking Greece until they can’t colonize it. And with the evidence of the pagtangkang colonization of the Persians to Greeks.
2. Bakit mahalaga ang Digmaang Griyego-Persiano sa Persia?
Because this war made the Greeks powerful enough to defeat the Persians and made the Greeks more conscious to their identity as a separate and superior people.
3. Makatwiran bang tawagin si Pericles bilang “unang mamamayan” ng Athens? Patunayan ang sagot.
Yes. Because he was the one who led Greece in strengthening its democracy. He ruled to achieve a good pamamalakad in Greek’s government.
4. Paano humihina ang isang syudad-estado?
If the people in that estate doesn’t have cooperation and unable to understand on how to help their estate progress.


1. Way to success of a place or a country.
2. pushes a country to rot with its government’s system.
3. I’m free to move, say my opinions without dahas and no blood flow.
4. they are the key in achieving a quiet and peaceful country.
5. is the key to achieve progress and prosperity.


One response to “Mga Digmaan sa Greece 2

  1. Notice to all blog viewers. These AP answers are really intended for the lessons of the blog maker and for the classmates of the blog maker. The blog maker is not liable for giving (you think) low rate answers. These answers are based from the authors book KAYAMANAN 3 AP BOOK. Please understand. 🙂

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